my faq as a wedding photographer in munich



wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

flo is the phographer! the one! stop looking elsewhere!

he was with us on our wedding day and captured our

greatest moments in awesome ways.

we and our friends and family loved his work.

we would collaborate with him again,

if he's still available at the silver wedding.


(radu & florina)

how much is a wedding photographer in munich?

no mess: you can get me for € 250 per hour plus travel expenses(depending on the distance). regardless of the total duration of the booking - you decide on the beginning and the end. with me there are no price lists or packages: one hourly rate, done whack. You can also decide on the same day whether I should stay a little longer or leave earlier. i find that transparent, sexy and flexible. you too? you probably missed a specific price indication on other websites from wedding photographers in munich and first had to follow up and answer a few questions. some photographers even make an offer after the meeting.


incidentally, the prices do not only apply to wedding photography, but also to all other photo shoots such as event, business or family photos.



wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

how many wedding pics do i get?

the number of photos depends on the duration for which you book me. extrapolation: from an 8 hour wedding I bring home about 3000 photos. First of all, all that have become nothing are thrown away. yes it happens to the best. so e.g. blurry, too light or too dark as well as too similar,
boring and unfavorable photos that nobody likes to see of themselves:
closed eyes, food between your teeth, lipstick smeared, spitful.


then i comb through all the photos again according to very subjective criteria, which leaves around 500 photos, all of which I edit - and which you all get. that's more than enough, it shouldn't get boring at the slide evening. if you are good at maths, you will see that depending on the type and occasion of the shoot, this results in around 60 wedding photos per booked hour.


but since I'm very bad at sorting out, there are usually more. incidentally, i cannot give you any guarantee that I will catch every guest or that every guest will appear on the photos given - even if of course I try to pay attention to it.



wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

will all the photos be edited?

i take the photos in raw format, they are quasi digital negatives that have to be developed.
image processing is an essential part of the job. with almost all wedding photos, the basic
optimization is still mainly used to edit the image detail and brightness.


okay, you probably have wrinkles and dark circles! with certain attitudes I can see that they appear less, but they are there and characterize you too. notice: i am the photographer, not the make-up artist. i don't like the softened in photos, i really like it. with selected close-ups of the bride and groom, however, I still stamp a little or, to put it another way: I remove everything that is not older than 2 weeks.



wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

when and how do i get my wedding pictures?

  • editing the photos takes a lot of love. Depending on the duration of the shoot, and thusthe number of pictures, I need 4-6 weeks for processing and provision, especially in the
    high season. but I am happy to send you a few in advance, e.g. for your thank you card.
  • you will get the wedding photos in high resolution as jpg and also in web format so that you can post the photos or send them by email.
  • the pictures are available for you to download in an online gallery. you can then forward the link to friends and relatives. on special request i can also send you the wedding photos by post on usb stick.
  • you get all private usage rights for publication. If necessary, order paper prints or a photo book yourself afterwards. it's fun and you can customize it according to your wishes.



wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

where will my pictures be published?

why are you interested in me? because you like the photos of the other bridal couples on my homepage. and that's why i put a best of your photos here as a reference.


more beautiful photos = more beautiful orders. you can then forward the link to your guests and family. practically. I also post very special photos on facebook or instagram.
Of course, individual photos of you or your guests can also be deleted if you wish.
note: the publication of your photos is part of our agreement. if you don't want that at all, please talk to us about it when you inquire.



wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

what´s your look anyway?

you will find many pictures in my wedding gallery that will give you an impression.
i currently prefer reduced colors with an analog film look. that depends on the sorrounding,
the light and the time of day - and also on your style that day.
At weddings in particular, you want to create a romantic, soft, maybe even something
fairytale-like feng shui. I like to try something new on individual photos every now and then,
so it shouldn't get boring. It is also important that you are not fed up with a look
that may be current.


many of the images become black and white. some pictures just work in black and white, big emotions e.g. or if a colored or troubled background is distracting.
black and white reduced to the essentials. sometimes black and white can save a great subject
if the quality of the photo is not so good. bad light = bad colours = bw-picture.
at a wedding approx. 1/3 are black and white. i decide for a good reason and therefore
no: you cannot have all b & w photos in color.



wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

why does a wedding photographer costs as much as he costs?

i'll write to you on a beer mat, as I calculate as a wedding photographer, so that I can halfway through the rounds: I take € 250 per hour for a wedding. at a wedding of 10 hours from getting ready to throwing a bouquet, that's € 2.500. does that sound a lot or a little to you at first?


but oh: let's say half of it goes to the tax office. the remaining € 1.250, i.e. we are at what feels like an hourly wage of € 125. and surprise: my job as a wedding photographer doesn't just consist of being a little funny and taking pictures of pretty people.


i can calculate in advance, e.g. also our e-mails, phone calls and meetings. let's say that's a total of 2 hours. and after the wedding it goes on: transferring, saving and selecting approx. 3000 photos, then importing them into the image editing program - that takes 2.5 hours.


then the processing of approx. 600 photos; it takes me about 25 hours. made! nearly. Now the export of photos in different sizes to usb-stick or download gallery (which also costs) takes about 2 hours. we may even meet again to personally hand over the photos. counted in? the bottom line is a good 40 hours. job. in between: almost € 27 hourly wage (€ 1.250 post-tax fee for 40 hours of work).


the wedding season mainly runs from april to october, here and there something before or after.
if you would only take pictures of weddings, it would be manageable - and during the week i would like to edit your pictures.


certainly not that sexy anymore, but it gets even better: now you have to pay for the occupational insurance and contributions as well as the homepage, the internet, software. Finally, we both want me to have good, extensive equipment that is regularly serviced and replaced. and all other general fixed costs such as rent, car, electricity & other livelihoods in Munich are not yet taken into account, but that shouldn't bother you now.


conclusion: oops, I'm way too cheap - I'll probably raise the price.



wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

balloons are no good, mkay?

raising balloons at weddings is not a bit romantic - quite the opposite. what might look great is insane pollution and animals die excruciatingly from it. Imagine how many balloons and their strings go up in the air in Bavaria alone every weekend - and thus later land in trees, lakes and rivers. and then extrapolate that worldwide.


not cool. you wouldn't deliberately throw a box with broken balloons into a forest or lake. So please think carefully about whether this must and should be urgent at your wedding - and pass the information on to your wedding parents in good time, who may be planning it. You can find more information on the topic here and here. the same goes for the pigeons, of course. save the planet!

so now everyone knows

nice that you have read this far. bravo, bravo! call me or send me an email with the most important key data. see you soon, ahoy!