your wedding photographer in munich

say yes! as a wedding photographer from munich i'm going all over bavaria and austria. book me as your photographer for an hourly price of € 250.

 .a day full of love needs pictures full of life

(too cheesy...?)

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

wild, wild west

in a tipi in ohlstadt







o2 laura & casper

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

swinging sixties

on a scooter at the opera

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

a touch of boho

in the blue land






lissy  & gregor

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

poolparty and high jumps

in the almbad huberspitz

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus


on the wallberg at tegernsee






hanni & simon

wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

ac/dc with rum and coke

in the middle of munich






o7 ela & paddy

wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

 runaway bride in


wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

wild party in the barn

in the gutsgasthof stangl

wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

good girls gone wild in the klimperkiste in freising

"dear flo, thank you so much for all the blood, sweat and tears that you have put in to create our wedding photos. they are truly wonderful and we will treasure them for many, many years. we are getting a lot of use out of them. vielen dank!" (max & renata)

wedding photographer for your civil wedding in munich

of course, it doesn't always have to be the big harbor tour. as a wedding photographer, I also "only" like to accompany your civil wedding ceremony at the registry office. 2 hours are usually enough: half an hour arrival and wedding ceremony, then reception with prosecco and family photos around the corner across the bridge - afterwards a little bridal couple shoot in the English garden. in munich there is the registry office at the kvr in ruppertraße and the one in mandlstrasse in schwabing.

10 fatima & samil

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

going deeper underground

at the friedensengel



11 nina & sebastian

wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

civil wedding with tattoos

in the standesamt mandlstraße






12 melly & alex

wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

smiling faces

at the registry office in schwabing

preliminary talk

it is best to get to know each other personally before the assignment, not just to break the ice. good chemistry, or the feeling of wellbeing between the photographer and the bride and groom, is important on this intense day.

after all, you don't just buy my photos, you also buy time with me. you should like to think back to me and our time together later - and vice versa. The formula is simple: if we have fun together, the photos will be good too.


during the conversation, I not only advise you on the technical aspects of photography, but also tell you from the sewing box: meanwhile, I am also a little wedding planner and I know what to look out for so that your wedding is a well-rounded affair.


i want to photograph you as you are and how it suits you. you are welcome to contribute your own ideas and wishes, so that at the end of the day great and distinctive wedding photos are created. note: whoever remembers marries twice.


of course the appointment is non-binding and free of charge: if you don`t like me, you don't have to see me again.

.I have the melody, you have the lyrics:

let's write a song

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

how much is a wedding photographer in  munich?

what is the only thing that you spend money on at your wedding - and that becomes more and more valuable to you over time? right, your photos. my prices as a wedding photographer are transparent and clear.

you don´t have to be sharp all the time

who says that a photo always has to be sharp? often a blurred photo can convey emotions and moods particularly well. whether intentional motion blur or accidentally because the focus is not right. i used to delete the blurry pictures because i thought you'd think i can't take pictures. today, as a wedding photographer, I really like this artistic touch: with a coarse grain, wedding photos get a special analogue touch.

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

your wedding report in munich

i'm there for you all day for a complete wedding report - in all of Bavaria and Austria.
such a wedding day has many facets and exciting moments. in doing so, situations and events that are not actually happening are captured that you do not even notice. my job as a wedding photographer in munich and bavaria usually starts with getting ready and ends in the middle of the party. the last one turns off the light, sometimes it is me.


what do i mean by report style? that means, i document the day as it takes place - i record what happens. I'm not an entertainer, I don't intervene in the process just because this or that would be good for the photo (ok, sometimes a little ...). that is what makes my photos authentic - but what every photographer claims of himself. Of course, some weddings are always the same, but the emotions are always individual.

i like authentic photos

make feelings visible: you will find few wedding photos with me. i like authentic, natural photos and situations - but sometimes an instruction makes sense: not every couple can forget that i am there, or at first they feel a little unsafe in front of the camera. But the best are always the pictures that arise spontaneously - the magic moments, so feel unobserved. here is an exception:

wedding photographer in munich - florian paulus

my demands as a wedding photographer on myself

above all, I want to be satisfied with myself. then I know: you are too. i want to exceed your expectations of me as a wedding photographer. You book me, among other things, because you like what you see on my homepage and my type might be a good match for you. you would also like to have photos in this style of your wedding. but I want you to get more than you expected.
i want to get a little better at every wedding shoot. i mix your truth, my truth and the truth of the situation into a cocktail.


during my time as a wedding photographer in munich, bavaria and austria, i can now look back on many events with a wide variety of challenges. no wedding is like the other. some processes are similar, but last but not least, every couple is unique. and if I always did the same thing and didn't try something new, I would quickly get bored and I would not develop.


emotional wedding photos, impressive moments and lasting memories captured with a detailed lens: “As a wedding photographer, I want to - as part of the wedding party, not only capture the kitsch, but also the exciting, hidden stories around it. i take photos from the inside out, not the other way around.” says wedding photographer florian paulus from command: art. from maxvorstadt in munich.

wedding photographer in munich - kommando: kunst.

after wedding shooting

if on the day of the wedding there is little time for separate photos with the two of you, we can also do an additional after wedding shooting a few days later.

on selected, possibly meaningful scenes for you, i show you in love togetherness. we also have enough time for one or the other crazy idea.

"dear flo, thank you so much for being our photographer! At our wedding, you captured the emotions of our guests and us so wonderfully in the right moments with a lightness and a
mischievous smile on your face. We are eternally grateful for that. every time. when we look at the pictures, we are right back in the middle of all the feelings and impressions that we were able to collect on that day. That is the greatest gift for us!" (melly & alex)